15 Lunar New Year Picks to Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit

15 Lunar New Year Picks to Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit

Commemorating the Year of the Rabbit in Style

As we get in the Year of the Rabbit, it’s time to begin preparing our Lunar New Year events! Whether you’re commemorating with loved ones, hosting a Lunar New Year celebration, or simply trying to find methods to bring a little bit of cheer into your house, these 15 Lunar New Year choices make sure to make your vacation additional unique. Keep reading for our leading choices that will have you calling in the Year of the Rabbit with design!

Do it yourself Decorations

Bringing the Lunar New Year spirit into your house or celebration is simple with some innovative decors. Get crafty with these DIY designs that make certain to include a joyful touch:

  • Paper Lanterns — Hang paper lanterns of all sizes and shapes around your celebration area, or to illuminate your house.
  • Paper Cuts — Decorate your walls with conventional paper cuts for a dynamic, joyful appearance.
  • Calligraphy Banners — Make your own calligraphy banners with messages of luck and success.

Celebration Favourites

No celebration is total without some delicious deals with! Ruin your visitors with these Lunar New Year celebration favourites:

  • Dumplings — No Lunar New Year event is total without dumplings! Enjoy them steamed, fried, or as part of a scrumptious soup.
  • Tang Yuan — Sweet and sticky, tang yuan is an important dessert for Lunar New Year events.
  • Fried Rice — Serve up a scrumptious, mouth-watering fried rice meal for your visitors to delight in.

Conventional Drinks

Absolutely nothing states Lunar New Year like a conventional Chinese beverage! These beverages will make sure to include a joyful touch to your events:

  • Jiu Niang — A sweet, rice-based beverage that makes certain to pleasure.
  • Chinese Tea — Enjoy a cup of conventional Chinese tea for a reassuring, warming beverage.
  • Boozy Beverages — Try out some standard Chinese alcohols for an unique reward.

Present Ideas

Revealing your gratitude for your enjoyed ones is simple with these thoughtful Lunar New Year present concepts:

  • Red Packets — Give your family and friends a standard red package filled with cash.
  • Fruit Baskets — Send a basket of tasty fruits to your enjoyed ones as an indication of your gratitude.
  • Homemade Treats — Show your loved ones just how much you care with a homemade reward.

Enjoyable Activities

Include some enjoyable to your Lunar New Year events with these amazing activities:

  • Lion Dances — Enjoy a standard lion dance efficiency for a genuinely joyful environment.
  • Karaoke — Sing your heart out with a karaoke session for a night of enjoyable and laughter.
  • Dragon Races — Have some friendly competitors with a dragon race.

Tableware Essentials

Set the scene for an ideal Lunar New Year banquet with these tableware basics:

  • Tablecloths — Choose an intense, joyful table linen to set the tone for your meal.
  • Serving Dishes — Serve up your Lunar New Year banquet with a range of lovely serving meals.
  • Ornamental Plates — Add a touch of sophistication to your meal with some ornamental plates.

Conventional Games

Spruce up your Lunar New Year events with some standard video games:

  • Mahjong — Enjoy a video game of Mahjong for some friendly competitors.
  • Board Games — Spend some quality time with your friends and family with some parlor game.
  • Card Games — Try your luck with some conventional card video games for an amazing night.

Unique Outfits

Total your Lunar New Year look with some unique attire. Pick from these classic pieces:

  • Qipao — Look sophisticated and advanced in a conventional qipao.
  • Cheongsam — Show off your curves with a trendy cheongsam.
  • Conventional Accessories — Add a touch of standard style with some unique devices.

Standard Music

Bring the Lunar New Year spirit into your house or celebration with some standard music:

  • Chinese Folk Songs — Enjoy some standard Chinese folk tunes to enter the joyful spirit.
  • Critical Pieces — Relax and relax with some lovely crucial pieces.
  • Popular Hits — Have some enjoyable with some popular Chinese hits.

Joyful Books

Find out more about Lunar New Year with these joyful books:

  • Standard Stories — Enjoy some standard stories about Lunar New Year.
  • Cookbooks — Pick up some cookbooks for some tasty Lunar New Year dishes.
  • Lunar New Year Colouring Books — Get imaginative with some Lunar New Year-themed colouring books.


As you can see, there’s no lack of methods to commemorate the Year of the Rabbit in design. From DIY decors and celebration favourites to conventional music and books, these 15 Lunar New Year choices make sure to make your events additional unique. Get all set to call in the Year of the Rabbit with some joyful cheer!